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Meet Jen

Jen Hurst,  a Non-Traditional Trauma Practitioner who specializes in the Enneagram and  Psychedelic Integration.

Jen is currently training with Dr. Gabor Maté in his psychotherapeutic approach to trauma healing, called Compassionate Inquiry.

She runs a private practice (Everyday Enneagram) out of St. George, Utah where she draws upon 25 years of personal and professional study in the field of personality theory, relational dynamics, attachment theory, Internal Family Systems, depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma work.

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Her Trauma-Informed credentials span a spectrum of philosophies and disciplines, however the most comprehensive has been her time studying and training under the direction of Dr. Gabor Maté in his graduate level program, Compassionate Inquiry, for helping professionals working in trauma. 

More recently Jen has been devoted to education and advocacy for better mental health solutions. She is passionate about both the anecdotal and empirical evidence that supports the long term effectiveness of many natural plant medicines for many mental health conditions.  Jen began writing her first book in 2021 on  Trauma Informed Enneagram and hopes to have that published by the end of next year.


Jen is a wife, mother to 7 and grandmother, she considers THIS to be her greatest classroom.

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