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Type Two Basics

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MOTIVE : To pursue the experience of love, to be wanted and/or needed by significant others 

DRIVING FEAR : To be (or feel) unloved, unwanted, unappreciated


AVOIDING: being seen as selfish, disappointing others, feeling unappreciated or subject to rejection.

RESOURCING : In stress T2 (Type 2) resources to T8 (Type 8) and in times of security T2 resources to T4 (see segment on resourcing).

FOCUS OF ATTENTION: Other peoples needs, relationships, and doing for others

SENSE OF SELF : I am loving, caring, empathic and selfless

DESCRIPTORS : the giver, befriender,  nurturer, pleaser,  supportive, caretaker and helper. 

STRENGTHS : intuitive, nurturing, open hearted, warm, generous, observant, people oriented, 

WEAKNESSES: people pleasing, seeking and giving approval, give-to-get, possessive, self important, rescuer, have difficulty setting personal boundaries . 

PASSION (VICE): Pride - inflated and deflated self-esteem and self important derived doing for, being needed and being liked by others. The VIRTUE (or antidote) to this pride in type 2 is Humility -feelings of self acceptance and self worth without either self inflation or deflation based on the reactions of others. 

HABIT OF THE MIND : Flattery - paying attention to how to gain acceptance through giving compliments or other forms of attention.

SPEAKING STYLE: Kind, assertive and articulate (when healthy), being nice and sympathetic, advice giving, friendly and helpful. 

LEADERSHIP STYLE: Excel at making connections, popular, empathetic, understanding, relational, warm, other focused, good communicator. 

AT THEIR BEST: Loves without condition, self-loving, having meaning in life, gracious and humble.

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