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Type One Basics

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MOTIVE : To be correct, without error, improve, get things right

DRIVING FEAR : That they are wrong, bad or incorrect, to make no mistakes

RESOURCING : In stress T1 (Type 1) resources to type 4 (Type 4) and in times of security T1 resources to type 7. (see segment on resourcing) 

FOCUS OF ATTENTION: What is wrong, how can I be good, avoiding doing things wrong, go things right. 

SENSE OF SELF : I am reasonable, responsible and objective

DESCRIPTORS : principled, perfectionist, reformer, opinionated, idealist, principled

STRENGTHS : Honest, objective, principled, responsible, goal oriented, improvement oriented 

WEAKNESSES: Resentful, non-adaptable, overly critical or self and others

SPEAKING STYLE: Direct, non emotional, precise, detail oriented and overly critcal

LEADERSHIP STYLE: Driven, high achieving, successful, meticulous, unforgiving, task oriented, task master

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