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Type Four Basics

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MOTIVE : They are in pursuit of finding out who they are.

DRIVING FEAR : Being ordinary, misunderstood or unknown.

RESOURCING : In stress T4 (type 4) resources to T2 (type 2)and in times of security T4 resources to T1 (type 1). (see segment on resourcing and download "Resourcing Cheat Sheet") 

FOCUS OF ATTENTION: To find out what is missing (about me), being unique and feeling special. 

SENSE OF SELF : I am passionate, unique, intuitive and sensitive.

DESCRIPTORS : romantic, artistic, individualistic, emotional, dramatic, self-absorbed.

STRENGTHS : sensitive, emotionally intelligent, emotionally honest, self revealing, deep.

WEAKNESSES: can intensify emotional states, temperamental, self pitying, fantasizing, "I am what I feel" and a general sense of "I am suffering someone come rescue me." 

SPEAKING STYLE: expressive, lacks eye contact, uses a lot of adjectives, inner  "I" focused.

LEADERSHIP STYLE: Emotional, able to connect to authentically and relationships oriented. 

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