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"Moving the Lines"

what you need to know about resourcing Knowing and understanding the lines on the Enneagra

Security Point Resource 

SECURITY: This is the type you draw upon in times of feeling secure (also called integration.)  Your type automatically  taps into this resource when feeling secure because it offers you something that can assist you in some way. Being aware of this movement can greatly assist you  in a more holistic path of development.

Stress Point Resource

STRESS POINT: This is the point you draw upon in times of stress.Again this is done automatically and until you become aware of this, its happening below your consciousness.  Your type draws upon the characteristics of the stress Point when in  times of stress (also called disintegration.) This movement represents how you are likely to act out if you are under increased stress and pressure or when you feel you are not in control of the situation

Wing(s) Point Resource

WINGS: The two types to either side of your core type are commonly referred to as wings. Wings can act as a resource at any time of life and for any reason. Wings are one of the ways the Enneagram can explain and understand the complexities of personality, and why 2 people from the same core type can "look" very different. Enneagram wings can influence thinking and behavior because an individual  may  identify with some of the core motivations of these adjacent types, but not always apparent. Again, often happening below your consciousness until you become aware of these influences. Recognizing how each  wing(s) may be influencing you specifically,  can help you avoid certain weaknesses or lean into that types strengths. Resourcing is intended to provide your type with something  your core type is lacking or needing.

Not sure what this means for you? Download a free cheat sheet that covers all 9 types and what they might look like as they resource. 

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