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Type Three Basics

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MOTIVE : Success, achievement, and acknowledgement and recognition from others. 

DRIVING FEAR : being seen as a failure 


AVOIDING: failing to achieve my goals, being overshadowed by others, losing my reputation, experiencing uncomfortable feelings or having doubts that kind of rice from inactivity or from slowing my pace. 

RESOURCING : In stress T3 resources to T (Type 9) and in times of security T3 resources to T6 (see segment on resourcing).

FOCUS OF ATTENTION: getting attention by being successful 

SENSE OF SELF : I am accomplished, goal oriented with unlimited potential 

DESCRIPTORS : the achiever, role model, communicator, performer 

STRENGTHS : being personable, enthusiastic and self-assured. Oriented toward growth and learning, inspiring others to success, ambitious, competitive, driven to be the best and efficient.

WEAKNESSES: adapts and morphs, emotionally detached, self promoting, emphasizes status, impatient, irritability. 

PASSION (VICE): Vanity - strategic thinking about how to create an idealized image based on being or appearing to be successful. The VIRTUE (or antidote) to this vanity in type 3 is  -belief that you can be valued for yourself and who you are rather than what you do or accomplish and that there is a natural order and flow. 

HABIT OF THE MIND : Deceit towards self and others.

SPEAKING STYLE: Professional, competent, direct, topic focused, fast-paced and confident.

LEADERSHIP STYLE: Excel at making connections, popular, empathetic, understanding, relational, warm, other focused, good communicator. 

AT THEIR BEST: tender, adaptable, authentic heart, inner directed 

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